It is obvious that you cannot install artificial turf and then ignore it. Its maintenance is different from that of natural turf but it is just as important.

Facilities InspectionDaily
Brushing to redistribute fillingEvery +/- 35 game hours
Brushing to eliminate wasteEvery +/- 35 game hours
Eliminate moss and algaeAnnually
Eliminate grassWhen necessary
Eliminate ice or snowWhen necessary
Sport Equipalia offers a list of steps/actions meant for preventive maintenance, but when this is not carried out we are available to the client to offer specific maintenance carried out by qualified personnel.

  • Preventive maintenance
    • Brushing
    • Irrigation
    • Sand replenishment
    • Cleaning
    • Snow elimination
    • Grass, moss and algae elimination
    • Cleaning of the surrounding area
    • Creation of a maintenance schedule
  • Specific maintenance
    • Inspection and repair of joints
    • Decompacting, ventilation and cleaning of filling with specific machinery
    • Load redistribution
    • Control of filling level
    • Fiber redirection
    • Elimination of weeds