Sport Equipalia is the comprehensive solution to sports building, from the conception of the project ideas to the start-up, follow-up and subsequent maintenance

Our company was created in 2005, out of the desire of the Board of Directors of the Jim Sports Group to offer its customers a new product, to expand and try to close the circle of sports options at a recreational, education and competitive level. Thus, Sport Equipalia was born, as the Jim Sports Group company dedicated to the manufacture, assembly and installation of sports building. With our Pavigrass brand, we have become leaders in the implementation/installation of padel courts throughout Spain, widening our market in recent years, outside of our country


Among the sporting solutions that we offer, we can highlight the following
  • Padel Courts
  • Tennis Courts
  • Football Pitches/Fields
  • Pavilions
  • Swimming Pools
  • Equipment
  • Maintenance
  • Children’s Playgrounds
  • Artificial Grass
  • Urban Furniture


For SPORT EQUIPALIA, S.L., its main objectives are Quality, focused on achieving the full satisfaction of its customers, and respect for the environment trying to minimize the impacts associated with the activity of the sports building. To this end, it promises to implement and maintain a Quality and Environmental Management System according to the requirements of the Regulations UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 and UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2015

Our Quality and Environmental Policy is the reference for setting objectives, in order to constantly improve the quality of service and the effectiveness of the Quality and Environmental Management System. It affects and is the responsibility of each and every one of the members of Sport Equipalia, and it is communicated to the entire company for their awareness, understanding and compliance. Moreover, this policy is reviewed, analyzed and updated in order to maintain a continuous suitability.


Our relationship with our clients goes beyond a mere sale. We do not consider them or treat them as clients, but as our friends and fellow travelers on this race where the goal is health and wellbeing through sports activities.

Sport Equipalia works with number one brands on the market, all of them European manufacturers. At the same time, we have created our own brand, Pavigrass, which represents and covers all of the services we can offer.


Our way of working together is based on shared values that are inherent in our GROUP identity. These values help us walk along the path toward leadership in the sporting business sector, nationwide.

Our mission is to achieve that our FRIENDS value us for offering them competitive and practical solutions. We win by combining our international strength with a local focus and applying the best ideas that arise from all the members of the group.


  • To discover, analyze and meet the needs and expectations of our customers, in order to achieve a stable and lasting relationship.
  • To prevent the causes that may lead to non-conformities.
  • To enhance the effectiveness of human resources and technology to ensure the quality of our work.
  • To constantly improve the quality of our services, as well as our attitude towards the environmental impact that our activity generates.
  • To prevent pollution which could be generated by Sport Equipalia’s activity.
  • The optimization of exhaustible natural resources, with particular emphasis on reusing inert waste, as well as proper management of other wastes.
  • Compliance with current legislation that may apply, as well as respecting adopted voluntary agreements or requirements from our customers.
  • To promote Quality Management and Continuous Improvement to all personnel/staff, at all levels and in all processes of the company.
  • To achieve the commitment of external suppliers with Quality and the Environment.